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  • 26 Apr 2013

    A working farm living in the city.

    Posted: 26 Apr 2013

    Gone are the days of 'Old McDonald had a farm'. Now it's more like, 'Old McDonald had a farm, an on-site cafĂ©, shop, beekeeping classes, cookery classes, gardening clubs, a bakery, birthday parties, weddings, music festivals, BBQ's and even campers! Yes, Old McDonald has gone business savvy but all the better for us as we're able to learn and experience something new, by farms offering so much more than just a place to pet animals. 

    We took a trip to Freightliners City Farm in London, a small urban farm that you'd probably miss if it weren't for the impromptu sounds of cockerels crowing or bellowing 'moo's' emanating through Islington streets. The farm is a registered charity and runs as a collaborative and inclusive community project. Here, children can learn where their food comes from, how it grows and get excited by the goings on of a working farm.

    Overall, farms are now providing a multi-educational environment. A fantastic place for children and adults to experience, interact and enjoy. Although this one goes a step further by investing back into the community around it. Good for you Old McDonald.

    Farms are a great place to visit with children, so if this one's out of reach. Have a little search and find a local one near you. I'm sure you'll find they'll be hosting some great seasonal activities, especially with summer holiday's round the corner!

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