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  • 17 Apr 2013

    Free From Food Awards. And the winner is...

    Posted: 17 Apr 2013

    What an amazing night, meeting other allergy enthusiasts on a mission to ignore the limitations of a restricted diet. And pushing fourth (at speed) to create delicious food that challenges the toughest of sceptic's to even notice the difference. 

    First, a big thanks to Mel from 'Pig in the Kitchen' for inviting me to be her honorary 'plus one' guest for the night. She was one of this years judges on the awards panel, testing all the allergy-free treats. But this perk comes with the heavy burden of being sworn to secrecy until the night's unveiling. No amount of bribing with free from chocolate would crack this piglet - I tried. 

    The evening started with eager anticipation as Michelle Berriedale-Johnson and Anthony Worral-Thompson recapped over six years of organising and hosting Free From Food Award ceremonies. Michelle's such an iconic lady in the allergy world who's built up more than 20 years experience working in the field of allergies and food intolerances. It was so touching to hear how she funded the first awards night herself, hosted in a small room of 30 people in Notting Hill. Just seeing what this award ceremony has grown into today's big event is just amazing.

    Such a united collaboration by Michelle and her team, not to mention all the passionate food producers striving towards building awareness and recognition of excellence, this 'free from' sector needs. And deservedly so, as the tasting table of winning products were brought out for all to sample. There was no holding back as the room flocked over, soon followed by a chorus of 'mmm's'. Through the noise of 'mmm's, Anthony was met with a wave of nodding heads, as he spoke about restaurants needing more training and education to cater for people with allergies. Hear, hear!

    I managed to capture winner Freedom Deli for their tasty ready meals in the photo but I must give a special mention to Bessant & Drury - their luxury lemon ice cream scooped..(sorry, couldn't resist) best free from food in the UK. It tastes amazing and free from the top major allergens - hats off!

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