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  • 10 Apr 2013

    Our allergy-free Easter egg hunt!

    Posted: 10 Apr 2013

    The Easter holidays can be a challenge for children with food allergies, chocolate seems to be the centre of most activities! So I organised a special family allergy-free hunt, so we could all join in on the fun and content in feeling safe.

    Whilst other children were only beginning to make a dent in their mountains of chocolate eggs and sugar loaded sweets, my alternative hunt in the woods showed we could still join in on this seasonal event, regardless of our allergies. I just had to think out of the egg-box (ahem...sorry) and change the tradition from finding chocolate eggs to allergy-friendly prizes.

    My niece was so engaged traipsing around the woods, she never thought she was learning an important skill that will help keep her safe when managing food allergies. She was having way too much fun hunting out the egg-shaped boxes to claim her prize. These proud moments of successfully finding things, builds her self-esteem, which is a great feeling for any child. But more importantly it helps to develop her search and finding skills through educational play. From a young age children can enjoy looking for items, turning this important task which is crucial to managing allergies later on in life, into a fun and positive experience.

    Our allergy-free Easter egg hunt prizes, consisted of puzzles, colouring pens, cookie cutters, stickers and notebooks. Of course we couldn't let her go without any chocolate over the holiday break. So we had a little hunt of our own in the supermarket and bought Kinnerton dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free and gluten-free 4 pack chocolate lollies. An amazing brand, that stands by it's 'Nut-free Safety Promise'. They make sure all items with this promise badge applied on their packs are completely nut-free. Kinnerton supply many of the top retailers so enjoy having a little hunt of your own, for this allergy aware treat. 

    Happy hunting!

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