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  • 01 Aug 2013

    FREE children's allergy aware lunchbox menu plan

    Posted: 01 Aug 2013

    Laurel & Hardy, Batman & Robin, French & Saunders, Attenborough & animals, I could go on but you get the idea. What I'm alluding to is great partnerships, and how amazing things can happen when two heads get together. 

    *Cue dramatic music* Allergy Adventures teamed up with Lunchbox Doctor to create a free 5-day lunchbox menu plan for children with food allergies. Not only is this plan jammed packed with nutritious food and recipes, free from the top 14 allergens. But each day is themed around a fun adventure with exciting activities that children across the globe can enjoy getting stuck into - kids your lunchboxes are going to rock! 

    We are releasing this now at the beginning of the British School Holidays to be able to get feedback on the idea and the recipes. We would love to relaunch this at the time children are going back to school in the UK i.e. Sept 3/4th taking into consideration the feedback we receive between now and then and tweaking appropriately. Your suggestions are welcome at hello@allergyadventures.com

    There's a lady to thank for this collaboration - DairyFreeBabyandMe read one of my storybooks to her little one, and the moons aligned. The penny dropped when she read about a character being transported on a magical allergy adventure inside their lunchbox. She thought wouldn't it be a great idea if I collaborated with the Lunchbox Doctor - an expert in creating nutritional menu plans for children's school lunchboxes. And it went from there... 

    Our lunchbox menu plan combines nutrition with creative play, both important to a child's development.

    Do you remember getting the paint pots or crayons out to create the classic family portrait when you were little? Drawing various sized stickmen and a house in the background that looked like it was on fire with the amount of smoke coming out of the chimney...well our mum's didn't care, they loved it, and up it went on the fridge for all to see. We were proud of our creation and that made us feel good. I'm rambling now, but if you open up a child's mind to imagination and playful creativity, it'll encourage children to express themselves as they discover weird and wonderful possibilities. They get a real sense of achievement with whatever they've created (including stickmen with houses on fire), which builds their confidence and self-esteem, plus it's loads of fun too!

    Download this FREE allergy friendly menu plan  and share the adventures! It'll bring a big smile to your face knowing you're providing healthy, nutritious lunches, free from the top 14 allergens. And an even bigger smile on your child's face, knowing everyday they'll open up their lunchbox to an exciting new adventure!

    What can I say...it's a match made inside a lunchbox ;)

    Even though we have made every effort to check all product ingredients are free from the top 14 allergens, please always make sure to double check every product label before consuming. Product ingredients and manufacturing processes change frequently. Therefore Allergy Adventures® and the Lunchbox Doctor cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may arise from any information listed on the menu plan.

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