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  • 10 Feb 2013

    Allergy-free pancakes, flippin’ marvellous!

    Posted: 10 Feb 2013

    It's been an eventful weekend making all sorts of pancakes. Sweet and savoury but above all avoiding key allergens. To make a pancake you need flour, milk and eggs. These key ingredients are within the list of top eight common allergens. So for many this seasonal treat is usually left for to others to enjoy.

    As a child I could hardly contain my excitement when it came to my mum flipping the first pancake on Shrove Tuesday. I relived this feeling all over again when I received pictures of my twin's attempt at making egg-free pancakes from a recipe I had sent her. I was 1: in shock, and 2: amazed at the results (my twin and the kitchen have never been the best of friends) which just goes to show how simple this recipe is to make. 

    Here's her response:
    "Hello twinney, I made banana pancakes yesterday which they all loved! Mixture was good - it only made four medium-sized thin pancakes but very delicious and tasted as good as real thing, except not as thick!!!"

    I'm not sure how thick she was expecting these pancakes to be? Or, in fact why she would want thick-er pancakes, but their plates were licked-clean with smiles all round.

    Of course there's the big decision of what topping you're going to put on yours, but I'll let you all battle that one out for yourselves. To add a savoury twist, I added spinach to one batch of mixture, which turned the pancakes green. This might put some of you off, but by making it into a monster face my niece seemed to love it. Winner.

    Flippin' marvellous pancakes
    (Dairy-free, soya-free, wheat & gluten-free, nut-free and egg-free) full recipe

    Savoury monster pancake face (using spinach...shh, don't tell). 
    (Dairy-free, soya-free, wheat & gluten-free, nut-free and egg-free) full recipe

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