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  • 12 May 2013

    It’s playtime with gluten-free playdough!

    Posted: 12 May 2013

    Tools down, it's playtime. And what better way to spend our Saturday morning than with a newly made batch of gluten-free playdough. 

    Children who are allergic to wheat and gluten often miss out on this fun activity due to flour being the common ingredient. Various recipes are out there, but I was inspired by this one I found on Glutafin's site, only I've adapted it slightly to be free from milk too (currently Glutafin's multipurpose white mix contains this ingredient). Playdough should never be consumed, but as we know children do end up putting hands and everything else in their mouths, so it's important to eliminate allergen ingredients from the dough.

    This quick and easy recipe brought back fond memories for me as a child, as I created the most iconic playdough animal...the snake. Not even a few minutes had past and I could see the enjoyment both my niece and I were having rolling sausage shape figures to extreme proportions.

    Playdough is so good at building important development skills in children. It strengthens their hands with tactile play, helps with hand to eye coordination and my personal favourite, encourages discovery and imagination. 

    Add buttons, beads or shells to make fun imprints. You could also experiment with various natural food colourings or even smells for an extra sensory play time - using flavours like mint, lemon or lavender. But remember, this playdough is never to be consumed. 

    I've put together this recipe for children to enjoy making with a grown up. The list is endless of the fun this simple dough can provide, not to mention giving you your own stress relief aid to squeeze and prod at.

    The dough will last for months if it's wrapped up in an airtight container after use. And if your child has managed to ground playdough into their clothes (which we all know is highly likely) a top tip would be to avoid using any water at first, leave the garment to dry out completely (overnight if possible) and gently scrape off with a firm bristle or wire brush the next day. Once you have removed the play dough, machine or hand wash as normal.

    Thoughts of messy clothes aside, these gripes shouldn't spoil the creativity you can have with coloured bundles of allergy-free fun. 

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