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  • 26 Nov 2013

    Nut free Christmas chocolates and some allergy-friendly festive ideas

    Posted: 26 Nov 2013

    Brace yourselves because here's a shocking fact; there are only 29 sleeps until Santa. 

    For children that's an exciting thought. For parents...hmm, not so much. I'm guessing that your 'to do' list is only just shorter than your children's list for the big man in red, and on top of that you have to factor in catering for food allergies. If your child can't eat dairy, eggs, nuts, gluten, wheat or soya, then you'll have noticed that most of the festive treats aimed at children contain...yep, all of the above.

    Well, tadaling! (That was the sound of me waving a magical Christmassy wand while wearing a Mother Christmas type costume).

    Hopefully I can take away a teeny bit of your stress with some festive allergy food finds and an idea for making Christmas magical.

    First up, a website that comes into the 'how have I never heard of this before?' category; D&D Chocolates Ltd. Their chocolates are dairy, egg, gluten and nut free (free from sesame traces too) and their Christmas range is now available. I'm loving their range of advent chocolates which are individually wrapped, look like 'real' chocolates and can be popped into the pockets of an advent calendar. 

    But the most exciting discovery was the chocolate tree decorations! Stealing chocolate decorations off the Christmas tree when no-one is looking is a delicious rite of childhood, and this year your child with allergies can join in! D&D Chocolates also stock a range of carob for those avoiding cocoa. 

    And remember, with any chocolate product that you're ordering for the first time, it's essential - probably mandatory - that you try the chocolate before offering it to your child. Wink.

    With food allergies in the family, Christmas means extra baking. Maybe the school will hold a Christmas fair, a festive tea invite will arrive, or you'll need to batch bake cupcakes to be ready for the big day. In which case, head to your nearest Waitrose. I was happy to see that their own label 'bright and jolly' sugar decorations are not only free from egg, but also nuts, milk, soya and gluten. And they're free from artificial colours and flavourings. Tis' definitely the season to be bright and jolly! (See what I did there?)

    And moving away from food, what could you do that would ramp up the Christmas spirit, thrill your children with twinkly lights and pretty scenes and give you a good excuse to sip on mulled wine? Ja, it's time to visit a Christmas Market. 

    There are over 60 markets happening around the UK between now and Christmas, and they are handily listed here. Think quaint wooden chalets, carousels, open air ice rinks and did I mention the Gluhwein?! Definitely better than Christmas shopping and guaranteed to get you into the festive mood. 

    Only 29 sleeps to go!!!

    *Thanks to Nia's Friendly Foods for teaching me about D&D Chocolates Ltd on Twitter. I love Twitter

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