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  • 29 Sep 2013

    Halloween recipe: Savoury eyeball muffins!

    Posted: 29 Sep 2013

    Halloween can be a scary time for parents of food allergic children and not for obvious reasons. To help, I'll be posting some safety tips later on this month with another tasty children's recipe and fun activities for the family to enjoy. So keep a look out for those, but first...

    ...to get us in mood of the seasonal festivities ahead, I've created a Halloween inspired recipe for your little ghouls to enjoy baking. These savoury 'eyeball' muffins can be made with parsnips or sundried tomatoes - both taste great, and perfect to pop in a school lunchbox. Plus, they store really well in the freezer for up to a month. Double bonus.

    There's an option to use sunflower oil instead of melted Vitalite (dairy free margarine) in this recipe. But having cooked a fair few over these last two weeks, this extra little bit of a faff goes a long way. Numerous combinations were made as noted below, but this dairy free margarine won hands down from our group of chief muffin testers, in both taste and texture. Another top tip, place muffins that were baked the previous day under a grill for a few minutes and they'll taste like they've just been baked.

    Seeing is believing - Watch the film!
    Keeping in the spirit of things (sorry, pun intended) I thought I'd go one step further and spent these last two weeks making a spooky, but fun animation to show this simple recipe being made with a ghostly twist. Children can watch in amazement as the ingredients magically come alive to show you how it's done! Click on the film link below.

    I can honestly say I loved making this film, although the animation did take me 135 hours (approx) to complete - and yet, boils down to only 1 minute 52 seconds! Oh, and 108 baked muffins in various experiments (24 inedible, although I did persevere with eating 2 of them).

    What you'll need to make this film:
    135 hours (approx)
    5 trips to the supermarket
    37 1/2 cups of coffee (1/2 cup will go cold in absent-mindedness)
    Undisclosed amount of treats to keep you going in the early hours
    A handful of recipe testers (little ones included)
    Bags of enthusiasm
    ...and a lot more patience!

    OR... you and your little one could just watch the film here and enjoy making the WELL TESTED savoury eyeball muffin recipe here! 

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