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  • 24 Apr 2014

    A free from recipe for kids to watch, make and enjoy. Ice fruit cube shakes!

    Posted: 24 Apr 2014

    Some of you may have already dusted off your BBQs in the few fleeting moments of sun we've had. So to keep the momentum going, I've rustled up another free from recipe for kids to enjoy in the sunshine *cough* and make it themselves too.

    These ice fruit cube shakes are dairy, nut, soya, egg, sesame, peanut, wheat and gluten free. Easy to make, fun and with the addition of a swirly straw, well... you're basically laughing. It seems this simple piece of twisted plastic has not lost its magic.

    Whenever I spot a swirly straw, it sparks a distant memory of being jealous of the kids next door who seemed to have these on tap. Clearly the emotional scaring hasn't faded over the years. ;)

    You can find the ice fruit cube shakes recipe here OR if you fancy following along with us, I've filmed and edited another fun video. You can watch my little helper and I making the shakes in action here on Allergy Adventures YouTube channel. There's also a few other free from recipes on there for children to don their aprons and enjoy making.

    The ingredients for the shakes include raspberries, blackberries and pineapple but if you need to avoid any of these, you can easily switch them for other suitable fruits. 

    As always I'd love to know if you make these fruity shakes with your little helpers. Either leave a comment below, or send me a message (or photo!) on Facebook or  Twitter.

    Let the swirly straw envy begin...

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