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  • 30 Jan 2014

    Allergy Adventures® to develop an educational online workshop for schools

    Posted: 30 Jan 2014

    January did not start quietly at Allergy Adventures®! First, there were the orders for the Allergy Adventures® Passport Pack, and then I received the brilliant news that the Wellcome Trust has awarded Allergy Adventures® a grant! Happy dance!

    Allergy Adventures® receives a Wellcome Trust Grant
    At the end of last year I submitted a proposal to the Wellcome Trust for a grant to develop an online workshop for schools. The purpose of the workshop is to improve awareness and understanding of food allergy in schools, and it will include educational (fun!) videos and classroom activities.

    I'll be working with a team of experts to produce the workshop, including Dr Adam Fox, one of the leading paediatric allergy specialists at St Thomas' hospital, and psychologist Dr Rebecca Knibb from Aston University. It's all very exciting! So this year will be spent researching, creating, filming, testing, adjusting, more filming, tweaking and, well, you get the picture. I will of course keep you updated along the way.

    New! The Allergy Adventures® educational safety poster for schools
    As 2014 gets underway, I'm more determined than ever to increase awareness in schools about food allergies. And by presenting allergy information in a simple, fun way to children (and adults), school communities can learn to support pupils with allergies.  

    That's why I've created this eye-catching poster, which I'm giving away free when schools or nurseries purchase the current set of four Allergy Adventures® storybooks from the website. So if you'd like to see the books and poster displayed in your child's school, tell the teachers to visit the shop! The poster is also available to buy separately.

    Not convinced? Here's what one teacher said about the books from Allergy Adventures®:

    "I read the Allergy Adventures® books to my Year 3 class because one of the children has food allergies. It was a great way to reinforce the need to 'stay safe' around food. I liked the focus on how much a child with food allergies can eat, as opposed to focussing on what they're not allowed to have. The children loved the illustrations and they all tried to memorise the food allergies rhyme at the back of the book!"

    Catherine Hill, Year 3 teacher, Leicestershire

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