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  • 30 Jul 2014

    The Allergy + Free From Show, Olympia, 2014. Find your Paper Plate Mate!

    Posted: 30 Jul 2014

    There are five Bs that sum up my time at the Allergy + Free From Show in Olympia, 2014;

    Busy, Brilliant, Better, BFree, Barbie.

    Actually, 'bedlam' might be closer to the mark. But in a good way. From the moment the doors opened we were swamped with visitors. It was great to see familiar faces from last year and to meet new people. And visitors to the Allergy Adventures stand made over 500 Paper Plate Mates!

    Watch the video I've made and try to find your Paper Plate Mate!

    I loved hearing your thoughts on Allergy Adventures and seeing your photos. It was brilliant to see how proud the kids were of their artistic creations and to see them having fun and enjoying story time...although I still haven't managed to juggle with four balls. Maybe by the Liverpool Show I'll have got it taped!

    And a special thanks to some brilliant people:
    • My mum - a real trooper
    • My aunt (see above)
    Sarah, Nia, Clare, Ruth, Faye and Tom

    It wouldn't have been possible without your help, and thanks as well for your support of Allergy Adventures over the last year. 

    Although I didn't have much time to leave our stand (see 'Busy' above), the general consensus from visitors was that the Allergy + Free From Show was BETTER this year. In particular people loved the fact that there was so much space between the aisles compared to previous years. And if you want a rundown of the cool products that were at the show, head over to Dairy Free Baby and Me as she's done a great write-up of the show.

    In the few minutes I had away from our stand, I managed to pick up a few packs of BFree's new fajita kit. It's dairy, egg, soya, nut and gluten free and contains wraps, salsa and seasoning. My niece screamed the house down when I showed her my haul. I think another recipe video could be coming soon. ¡Ay, caramba!

    In the midst of the busy, brilliant, better bedlam, Barbie got left behind. One minute she was with her owner making a Paper Plate Mate the next.... alone on the Allergy Adventures' stand. And between you and me, Barbie is a little miffed that she's been abandoned because of a Paper Plate Mate. So let's reunite her with her owner. If you can help, please email me: hello@allergyadventures.com, or share my Barbie Facebook post.

    So, another Allergy + Free From Show done with, and I'm looking forward to doing it all again at the Liverpool Show on the 25th and 26th October, 2014. See you there?

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