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  • 14 Jun 2014

    Brazilian World Cup Cakes! Fun video recipe for football fans and more to enjoy

    Posted: 14 Jun 2014

    She shoots, she scores! These Brazilian Coconut & Lime World Cup-Cakes are real winners - dairy, nut, egg, gluten, soya, peanut and sesame free. 

    The first World Cup matches have already kicked off and knowing we've got a month of matches ahead of us (roughly 60 of 'em!) I thought we're going to need something to keep our energy levels up. Whether you're a footie fan or not these cupcakes will have you and your little ones chanting for more. 

    I set to work a few weeks back experimenting in the kitchen to create a cupcake that would celebrate the fresh and fabulous flavours of Brazil, but also with a bit of creative styling I've also made them look like the Brazilian flag too. Tasty and educational - genius!

    Getting the right ingredients...
    I tested out an array of coconut milks as all contain various percentages of coconut, which had an effect on the cupcakes texture as well as some 'milks' containing preservatives and processed thickeners. The best cupcake texture I found was when I used Biona coconut milk which contains 50% organic coconut, water and natural stabiliser: guar gum. 

    When you open the tin its contents will have separated, but if you pop it in the microwave in a microwavable bowl or heat in a saucepan for a minute it'll revert it back to a combined liquid packed with goodness. Its more watery than you'd expect coconut milk from a tin to be, but trust me that's a good thing.

    I also contacted the manufacturer to confirm it was free from the top eight allergens (dairy, egg, nuts, wheat, peanut, soya, sesame & fish free, including traces) and bingo, it is. 

    The hunt for allergen free shredded coconut
    I also had a bit of a hunt for shredded or desiccated coconut free from traces of allergens. I found LET'S DO...ORGANICĀ® who have an impressive allergen table on their website.

    When I contacted them they were proud to share they have a dedicated coconut facility in the USA where its made and packaged. Available from Amazon and various online health food stores in the UK. 

    Although Helga on Facebook contacted me to share "In relation to desiccated coconut if you are interested, I contacted Whitworths. They have two types of packaging which are produced in different factories. The one in a box, and is sold at Waitrose at least, only contains sulphites. Hope that helps."

    Whitworths office is closed over the weekend so I'm not able to contact them to confirm this. But as always the golden rule applies to all ingredients used 'please always double check every product label before consuming. Ingredients and manufacturing processes change frequently, and without warning.' 

    If anyone else knows of other safe desiccated coconut brands please leave a comment below. The more the merrier!

    Green cupcakes - made the good way.
    You're going to think I'm bonkers (if not already) but I've also used the vegetable powerhouse; spinach in this recipe to create green cupcakes, naturally, without using food colouring. Honestly, you can't taste the spinach at all due to them being cunningly masked by the coconut and lime flavours 'Mwahhhha ha ha ha ha'. I wouldn't go as far as to say these cupcakes are 'healthy' but veg in a cake, that's got to be a good thing, right?

    Watch the free from recipe video 
    Are you ready for some action? You and your child can enjoy watching how easy it is to make Brazilian Coconut & Lime World Cup-Cakes on Allergy Adventures' YouTube channel. You can also read how make the recipe here. If you like our videos we'd love to know - it spurs us on to make more!

    Come on you bakers! 

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