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  • 13 Jun 2014

    Food allergens in unusual places - here's what the #oddspot competition uncovered

    Posted: 13 Jun 2014

    In my last blog post I announced the #oddspot competition, asking you to send me details of allergens listed in the strangest of places. Well. Talk about opening the floodgates! You've been bombarding my inbox, Twitter feed and Facebook page ever since, and reading your posts and emails has been a truly informative experience. From milk, wheat and celery in hams (who knew?) to nuts, wheat and soya in various shampoos, it's bonkers where those allergens are lurking.

    The Allergy Adventures® #oddspot competition reinforces the need to always (always) check labels for allergens.
    The list of food allergens found in unusual places is a timely reminder to parents, teachers and carers to always check the label for allergens. Yes, it's tedious. Yes, it's necessary.

    Claim your food safety poster from Allergy Adventures®
    I had said that I would give away a free food safety poster from Allergy Adventures® to the best 10 #oddspots that included a brand name, and the allergen. But the examples that you sent through were so varied, it was impossible to whittle them down further. So I'm awarding a poster to everyone whose name appears below (but please see the note regarding entries about lactose). To claim your poster, please email your address to me - hello@allergyadventures.com - by Sunday 22nd June, 2014.

    Note: I've listed some items that were sent to me containing lactose, which is the sugar component of milk and not an allergen. Although Carla kindly pointed out pharmaceutical grade lactose contains trace amounts of milk protein (0.012 - 0.029% N impurities including cow's milk) and can cause reaction in severely allergic individuals.

    If you weren't a winner this time, you can still buy the Allergy Adventures® safety poster via this link.

    Keep the #oddspot going and help raise allergy awareness
    The results of the #oddspot competition are listed below and a massive thank you to everyone who sent suggestions in. It's had such a great response and has generated so much useful information for everyone. (Me included!) Maybe we should keep this going? The competition has ended, but if you keep sending me your finds using the hashtag #oddspot via email (hello@allergyadventures.com), Twitter or Facebook, I'll keep spreading the word.

    And here's the great reveal of food allergens found in unusual places:
    Food allergens in medicines and supplements #oddspot
    Orla - Pharmaton capsules and Cerumol ear drops contain peanut oil
    Edel - Children's Abidec Multivitamin Drops - contain peanut oil
    MyItchyBoy (@MyItchyBoy) - Haliborange Kids Omega 3 orange fruit burst capsules, Kids Omega 3 blackcurrant fruit burst capsules and Teensense - contains tree nuts

    Food allergens in beauty products #oddspot
    Kerry - Pantene Classic Shampoo - contains tree nuts. 
    She adds: "Some of the Pantene hair shampoos and conditioners contain nuts as well as a lot of face creams and cleansers, etc. They are usually in Latin names so you have to be very, very careful. Look out for Prunus dulcis/amara/sativa for almonds and arachis/hypogea for peanuts."
    Nia (@ChubbaNia) -  Keep it Kind: Teen Missy deodorant - contains soya
    Kristina (@mypamperedlife) - walnut pieces used in St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
    Helga - Burtbees Baby Bee Fragrance Free Shampoo & Wash - contains almond and soya BUT Burtbees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash - only contains soya
    She adds: "The packs look so similar and the one without fragrance contains almond?!?"
    Sparkle - CARiNO Kids Shampoo mild & gentle (sold by Aldi) - contains wheat
    Umm - Body Shop Moringa Body butter - contains tree nuts

    Food allergens in cleaning products #oddspot
    Tanya - Ecover washing up liquid  - the camomile and marigold version - contains milk, the lemon & aloe vera version - contains wheat

    Allergens in food #oddspot
    You might expect to find allergens in foods, but would you expect that a large packet of a brand of biscuits would be allergen-free, but that the mini pack of the same biscuit would contain milk?

    Laurna - "Jammie Dodgers do not have milk but mini Jammie Dodgers do".
    Dairy free baby and me (@dairyfree) - Del Monté's 100% fruit lollies, smoothie lollies and tubs - contain milk
    Carly (@gfreeb) - Tyrrells Smoked Paprika crisps - contains milk

    And one for the grown ups
    LifeGraceWisdom (@xilsx)  - Echo Falls Merlot - contains milk and egg. Used as part of the clarifying and fining process. Some wines may also use fish.

    And if you've made it this far - well done - and I'll end with the oddest of #oddspots
    Susan Melenchuk (@SusanMelenchuk) - Peanut husks in BlackGold Natural & Organic potting soil
    Lorraine-nutfree mum (@evemy05)- Some jewellers 'buff and tumble' their white gold with walnut shells to polish it
    Auntie Jems (@itch_swell_ooze - Glitter 4 Girls temporary tattoos - contain soya

    And finally, for all those times you've thought, 'what my outfit is missing is a dab of milk'
    Jolene and Dairy Free Baby and Me (@dairyfree) both mentioned - Uniqlo Heattech Clothing - contains - drum roll please - MILK!

    Pharmaceutical grade lactose... and a sun lotion
    Elaine - Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules - contains lactose
    Dairy Free Baby and Me (@dairyfree) - SUDAFED® Decongestant Tablets - contains lactose
    Carla - Piriton antihistamine tablets - contains lactose
    Jolene - Johnson's Kids sun lotion - contains lactose

    Keep your #oddspots coming, who knows what we'll find next!

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