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  • 25 Mar 2014

    Prepare your allergy-friendly Easter Hunt and enjoy 10% off free from chocolate

    Posted: 25 Mar 2014

    The daffodils are blooming and Cadbury have ramped up their marketing of Mini Eggs. It can only mean one thing. Easter is coming! 
    There are cutesy images of bunnies frolicking, pretty woven baskets and a dazzling array of chocolate creations that your child with food allergies can't eat. Let's pause for a minute to digest the unfairness of it all - pause - and now let me tell you my plan for making this year's Easter Hunt cool, creative and allergy-friendly.

    It involves:
    - a 10% discount on a range of free from chocolate (more on this later)
    - a 'make and do' activity for you to enjoy with your children
    - ANOTHER COOL VIDEO! (that deserves shouty capitals)
    - an Easter Hunt with a difference

    Make Easter 'Pockets' for your Easter Hunt
    Children love the thrill of the Easter Hunt, but often the chocolate isn't safe to eat. So I've come up with a plan to switch the focus of the hunt away from chocolate and onto...LOOT! (Although there's no reason why you can't still include free from choccies!) This year your child can still enjoy the hunt, but with different goodies at the end of it. I'm thinking coins, little trinkets and tiny toys all neatly packaged into a cute paper 'pocket'.

    So here's what to do.
    Click on the link to download my printable paper pockets. And then click on the following link to watch my video that shows how to make them. (Better still, sit back with a cuppa and let your children do all the techie stuff. It's never too early for independence!)

    Once the paper pocket is made, you can fill it with good stuff. Then all you have to do is squirrel them away in the garden or the house, and let the Easter Hunt begin! Not convinced? Watch the video.

    Allergy Adventures® has teamed up with LoveFreeFrom and D&D Chocolates to offer a 10% discount on chocolate!
    I think the headline says it all, but here's why this is such a good deal for you. LoveFreeFrom and D&D Chocolates offer a range of chocolate and, for a limited time, friends of Allergy Adventures┬« can enjoy a 10% discount from both companies. All of their products are dairy free and gluten free. D&D Chocolates are also nut free and some products from LoveFreeFrom exclude all the main allergens.  

    Here's how to claim your discounts:
    - Place your order with LoveFreeFrom and use the code 'Allergy Adventures' in the section 'Note to Seller' on the order form. Offer valid until 21st April, 2014 (sorry, excludes eggs)
    - Place your order with D&D Chocolates and use the offer code 1001 at checkout. This will deduct 10% from your order. Offer valid until May 31st, 2014

    And so, my work here is done. Now all you need to do is get watching, making, ordering and eating! And I'd love to see your hunt in action, share your snaps on Facebook or Twitter. Happy hunting! 

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