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  • 19 Mar 2014

    Progress report: The allergy baking substitution sheet plus free from baking tips

    Posted: 19 Mar 2014

    In February I blogged about food allergies and schools and asked for your help with a questionnaire. (If you missed the results of the survey, click here.) Many of you said that you provide substitute cooking ingredients for teachers if there is going to be a cooking class at school.

    And that got my creative brain a-whirring...
    What if teachers had a handy sheet that showed them clearly how they could substitute the common allergens with safe food? So for cookery lessons in primary school, they could refer to the sheet and use dairy free spread instead of butter. Or gluten free flour instead of wheat flour. This would help them to plan lessons that are inclusive for everyone.

    The creative whirring went into overdrive! 
    Over the years I've accumulated a few methods for how to substitute foods in recipes, from reading books, searching the web and my own experiments in the kitchen. But for this sheet to be a success, I knew I needed to bring in the big guns for some helpful guidance. And who better than free from baking expert and substitution queen @ChubbaNia

    It's coming soon(ish)!
    I will be completely honest with you and say that the handy sheet for teachers (and parents) has taken on a life of its own. (That's code for 'it's not ready yet.') But the image above is a little sneak peek... what do you think?

    So, although you're going to have to wait a teensy bit longer for the awesome 'Simple Substitution Sheet,' I didn't want you to go away empty handed. So I tracked down some allergy baking experts to share their top tips with you.

    Free from baking tips:  
    Julia from Alimentary Bites:
    "If a biscuit recipe asks for an egg, I add 50-60mls oat cream (or use another cream you can tolerate). A mixture of cornflour and milk substitute works well as a good 'glue' for sticking on breadcrumbs instead of egg. And when I'm making pancakes, fritters etc, I only replace the egg with 50mls extra liquid (usually oat milk in our case) doesn't always need anything else." 

    Some no-nonsense advice from Nia (@ChubbaNia)
    "If a recipe uses an ingredient you can't have substitute with something you can instead of panicking and moving past it, there are lots of alternatives out there so get searching on Google!"

    A ploy to reduce the washing-up from Pig in the Kitchen:
    "When you have to use honey or golden syrup in a recipe, lightly grease the weighing scale pan with a little sunflower oil. The honey/syrup then doesn't stick to the pan it just slides right off! So you can just wipe out the pan with some kitchen towel and keep on weighing out ingredients."

    Got any other top, allergy baking tips? Add them in the comments box below, tweet them to me, or add them on Facebook!

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