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  • 27 Nov 2014

    Free from Christmas recipes - make Mini Sticky Date Christmas Puds

    Posted: 27 Nov 2014

    To kick off the festive season, I've concocted these no-bake Mini Sticky Date Puds. The 'no-bake' part means these are quick and easy for you to make with your children. And they can be made ahead to help you get organised well in advance. Bonus! Cut straight to the fun recipe video.

    Also? As well as being dairy, nut, soya, egg, gluten & sesame free, they're packed full of goodness to help cram extra nutrients into restricted diets. The main ingredients are:

    • Dates - a good source of vitamins and minerals, including iron and vitamin B6. This sweet fruit gives children an instant energy boost  
    • Linseeds - oozing with omega 3 fats ('good' fats), linseeds are also a fab source of gluten and wheat free fibre
    • Wheat and gluten free oats - a nutritional powerhouse, oats are rich in vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium and magnesium. Go oats!

    But what if you can't eat dates or wheat and gluten free oats? Good news. I've triple-tested this recipe - much to the delight of my niece - and provided nutritional substitutions. See the printable recipe. Oh and the small matter of the sweet sugar icing on the top? Hey, it's Christmas, we all deserve a treat, right?

    If you're looking for other festive recipes, try my Melted Mr Frosty biscuits which are also dairy, nut, soya, egg, gluten & sesame free. And look at last year's Christmas foodie blog for party food nibbly bits, gluten free gravy and - drum roll - egg, dairy, soya and gluten free Yorkshire puddings.

    Happy baking/cooking/shopping and hours and hours spent wrapping! Only four weeks to go...

    Watch how to make Mini Sticky Date Puds.

    Print the Mini Sticky Date Pud recipe.

    Oh and in the spirit of sharing, please pass the recipes on to family and friends by email or via Facebook and Twitter; let's spread the 'free from' fun!

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