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  • 26 Nov 2014

    PROGRESS REPORT: Allergy Adventures® online schools workshop update

    Posted: 26 Nov 2014

    At various points during 2014 I've mentioned the online schools workshop that I'm working on, and possibly bored close friends with it too. This month is no exception as I recently showed the project development to Anaphylaxis Campaign to get their thoughts and feedback. Verdict? They loved it! "Wow! Creative, informative and fun - I am sure this new course will really appeal to children and teach them some key information about allergies and allergens"

    As the year rushes away with us, and thoughts turn to - shhh, can't mention the C word - I wanted to update you on the progress of this monster task I have taken on.

    How moving an eyebrow a fraction to the left can suck up 5 minutes of my life.

    To recap really quickly: In January, Allergy Adventures was awarded a grant by  Wellcome Trust to develop a series of online schools workshops. The videos and lesson plans will help teachers educate children about food allergies in a fun, engaging way. And in May, real life testing with real live children got underway. Excitment ensued!

    Since then? I've entered a twilight zone where days merge into one and I spend all my time animating and editing videos for the workshop.

    Have you seen my videos on YouTube? Does it all look effortless? Well I've certainly kept the coffee trade in business! Just moving an eyebrow on one of my characters a fraction to the left can take 5 minutes...and the result only appears on screen for a few seconds.

    But you know what? When I read what parents, teachers and children are saying about the workshop, it's all worth it. And having the support and encouragement of Dr Adam Fox and Dr Rebecca Knibb, and not forgetting you lot with your kind messages and words is also spurring me on. Because if the workshop can help improve food allergy education and reduce confusion about allergies, then it will all have been worth it. Can I hear an Amen?

    So, I can confirm that the workshop is still underway, that the bags under my eyes now reach my knees, and that the 'go live' date is still planned for early next year. Keep popping back to find out the details. Oh and here's some of the feedback I've received about the schools allergy workshop to date. The lovely comments are keeping my spirits up when I'm deep in my editing cave.

    " Nellie told me that the best part of having you in school was that her friends understood her allergies. She also said that she would have liked to have heard more of your stories as they were 'great'."
    Parent of a child with allergies

    " The first thing Jasmine said to me when she came out of school, was that people can be allergic to peanuts and milk and lots of things, and we need to be careful about what food people can eat."
    Parent of a child without allergies

    " Lesson came across really well to the children and engaged them in a really interesting way. I think it is important that things like this are discussed in school so that other children are aware of the differences and reasons behind certain allergies. A great project to introduce into schools. Well done."
    Teacher, Year 1

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