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  • 28 Oct 2014

    Have an allergy-friendly Halloween with my nifty tips & treats

    Posted: 28 Oct 2014

    There's only one thing better than an allergy-friendly pudding. And that's an allergy-friendly pudding that ONLY TAKES 5 MINUTES IN THE MICROWAVE.

    Yep, this Halloween it's all about making it easy for yourself, keeping your kids safe and topping it off with some spooky Halloween fun. So, to get you started...

    Blood'berry puds and Sweet Spider Web Custard
    This is the easiest recipe ever. Cooked in a cup, 5 mins in the microwave and voilà a Halloween treat is served. Watch how to make the Blood'berry puds in this short recipe video.

    And for added fun value, challenge your children to eat them wearing fake vampire teeth. Because that won't get messy at all! Get the Blood'berry Pud recipe sheet.

    Keeping kids with allergies safe at Halloween
    If your child has food allergies, Halloween can be stressful. But by planning ahead, your child can still have fun with their mates and enjoy extorting sweets from the neighbours. Here are some tips for having a safe and happy Halloween.

    The Teal Pumpkin Project (why teal is the new orange for kids with allergies)
    Have you heard of the Teal Pumpkin Project in the United States? The idea came from a mum who's the director of a local food allergy support group. In 2012 she painted her pumpkin teal (that's blue to us) and offered non-food treats to allergy sufferers.

    The idea was taken up by FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) and promoted throughout the country. So children with food allergies know to head for the teal pumpkins first!

    It's such a good idea isn't it? And in honour of the Teal Pumpkin Project, I've switched the 'how to make a spooky pumpkin carving' I created last year for kids, to… yep, teal!

    If you fancy giving it a go this Halloween, there's a poster that you can display to go with your teal pumpkin. Get the teal pumpkin poster. 

    And if you children aren't going trick or treating? Here are my spooky ideas for kids to enjoy a frightful night:

    1. Make Blood'berry Puds & Sweet Spiderweb Custard

    2. Family film night. Lights off. Harry Potter on. Slop into some onesies, slip under the blankets and a mountain of cushions (you catch a few winks while the young'uns hide behind them!)

    3. Head off to the woods for a creepy trek with torches and see what the witches have left behind. Test their senses…what noises can they recognise? What shadows or stars can they see? Smells?! (Let's hope the dog owners have been doing their bit.)

    4. Go retro with hand shadow puppets. Lights off, torches on and make spooky hand shadow puppets against the wall. Can't quite make a Dracula shape? Don't worry, the kids will love having a go and you can always style it out as a mutant monster ;)

    5. If your child has already got their Halloween outfit nailed. Well now they can have the voice to go with it... download this free 'Spooky Speaker App', to convert their voice to all sorts of creepy characters. Already we've been using it far too much back here - big fans of Rottie the Zombie!

    Whatever you'll be doing this Halloween, stay safe and have fun. And if you make my Blood'berry Puds, please send me photos and I'll pin them up on Facebook.

    Happy Halloween!

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