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  • 16 Apr 2015

    A fun and free from recipe to make with the kids; Minion Potato Cakes!

    Posted: 16 Apr 2015

    Enjoy these tasty yellow morsels hot or cold. Have them for dinner or make them for a fun party snack or lunchbox feast! 

    It's a concoction of simple ingredients; potato (obvs), spring onion and turmeric - which is full of healthy benefits but more importantly in this recipe, it turns your humble potato into a delicious crew of yellow Minions ;)

    Milk, egg, wheat, gluten, soya, nuts, peanut and sesame free.

    Watch how easy they are to make by clicking on the video above. Or if you'd like the written recipe, just click on the following link and find exactly that and more fun 'n' free from recipes to make and enjoy! 


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