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  • 11 Jun 2015

    Planning a Mad Hatter's Tea Party? Then check out this burger cupcake recipe!

    Posted: 11 Jun 2015

    Watch my niece and I whip up these bonkers burger cupcakes for your little ones to enjoy! Perfect for a Mad Hatter's Tea Party or for some BBQ fun in the sun! 

    This recipe is gluten free, milk free, egg free, soya free, nut free, peanut free and sesame free. Click on the short video above to watch how to make them or click on the link to view the written recipe. 

    And if you're looking for more bonkers ideas, how does sweet pizza and tomato lollipops grab you? I created all this and more for my niece's Mad Hatter's Tea Party last year. See the party in action here!

    Find more fun 'n' freefrom recipes for children to enjoy making and munching in the 'for kids' section on my site. And if you have a go at making any I'd love to hear or even better SEE your creations! Please leave a comment below or pin up your photos on my Facebook page. :)

    Bring on the bake!


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