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  • 30 Jun 2015

    The Allergy Adventures Workshop for schools is now... LIVE!

    Posted: 30 Jun 2015

    I feel like I've just finished a marathon. I'm in a state of sheer elation and complete exhaustion (those last few miles were a killer). Why? Here's the news: My workshop for schools - the one that has taken 18 months of my life - is now ready for teachers to use. If you want to cut to the chase and see the videos and details, go here.

    And in case you're new around here, the Allergy Adventures® Workshop is a free teaching resource for schools. It includes:


    • Four, 'out of the box' lessons to educate children about food allergies and food safety

    • Detailed lesson plans (no prior knowledge of allergies required)

    • Colourful classroom slides and printable worksheets

    • Four professionally-produced videos to accompany each lesson


    The lessons can be taught separately, or as part of a series; teachers have total flexibility. Oh, and did I mention that it's FREE? Gratis. You just sign up, download, and you're ready to teach.


    Why did I create the workshop?

    Education about food allergies in schools is non-existent. A lot of fear and confusion surrounds the subject. Not to mention the isolation that children with allergies feel, and the bullying and exclusion they experience.


    That's why it's my mission to promote understanding about food allergies. And to help allergies become just another subject that gets talked about in the classroom. Then, when that starts to happen in every school, children with allergies can get on with just being kids. Knowing that when it comes to food allergies, their friends and teachers have got their back.


    I couldn't have FINISHED it without you

    This beast of a project has had many amazing helpers throughout it's development. (You can see the full list here.) Thank you to the Wellcome Trust for providing the grant, to Sainsbury's for welcoming Allergy Adventures to film in their Colchester store, and to Anaphylaxis Campaign for taking the time to go through all the resource materials to check the content was sound.


    And a massive thanks to all the children, parents, teachers and medical professionals who have helped with their advice, constructive criticism and support. I hope you like the end result!


    Now what happens?

    1. You flock in your thousands to the new, 'for schools' section of my website and watch the workshop videos.


    2. You persuade your teachers that this would be an amazing set of lessons to teach.


    3. They sign up and download the lessons.


    4. Schools are closer to providing adequate care for children with food allergies.


    (Already broken up? It's all there waiting for teachers to include in their planning when the new term starts.)


    Tell me what you think

    At times this workshop has pushed me to the edge of insanity. Or at least kept the coffee farmers in business with my bumper intake. But like childbirth (so I'm told) I'm hoping that the pain will soon be forgotten.


    Anyhoo, I'll leave you to peruse the workshop on the new, 'For Schools' section I've created on my site. I'd love to hear what you think? Add your comment below, find me on Facebook or tweet to me on Twitter. Or - and I would LOVE this - subscribe to my YouTube channel.


    Right, I'm off to wrap myself in tinfoil to recover before I'm back performing again at the Allergy Show. And if you've missed the fun I've got planned for children visiting the show this year, check out this FACT FIND HUNT video! 


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