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  • 26 Mar 2015

    10 free from finds to make your Easter epic

    Posted: 26 Mar 2015

    The bunny with the eggs is nearly here and this year I'm helping you make Easter epic (and free from). Keep reading for my list of 10 free from finds that include edible and non-edible goodies.  

    But before we get to the list, a round of applause for Dairy Free Baby and Me who's put together an extensive Easter free from chocolate list which includes insightful spreadsheets - listing what the chocolate eggs are free from and how much they cost.

    And following on from the chocolate theme here's something I prepared earlier too. My latest recipe video shows you how to make an edible Easter game. The bunny hunt mint choc biscuit recipe video is not just a recipe for Easter-type biscuits, it's also a 'hunt the bunny and eat it' game. So whack the kettle, make a cuppa and enjoy playing it with the kids. Get the recipe here. 

    For some children, Easter can't be about sweets and chocolate because their allergies are so severe. With that in mind, last year I showed you how to make 'Easter pockets' that can be filled with trinkets, key rings and other non-edible goodies. This allows children to join in the fun of the hunt, without having to make food the focus. And, good news! You can still watch the video and download the free template. See how to make Easter Pockets.

    My top ten free from finds for Easter
    My list includes edible (Easter alternatives to chocolate as Dairy Free Baby and Me has that one covered!) and non-edible items to make your Easter epic. 

    1. Our German friends at Aldi are stocking very cute Easter marshmallows. They're shaped like bunnies and only 99p for a huge pack. Even better, they're gluten, dairy, egg and soya free. Das ist gut Aldi!

    2. Sugar giant Haribo is offering Easter Jellies. And although your kids might be bouncing off the walls like Easter bunnies after these, at least they don't contain any E numbers. And Waitrose is currently offering 10% off Easter confectionery, so that totally justifies your visit.

    3. I'm loving these Easter treat bags from M&S. They're made from linen and cotton and are shaped like rabbit ears. Fill the bags with safe treats and then reuse them for next year.

    4. Others top their cupcakes with Mini Eggs, but these Easter bunny jelly beans from The Jelly Bean Factory are a fab free from alternative. Use them to decorate cupcakes or cookies and find them in TK Maxx, Debenhams, WH Smith and the Co-op. They are nut, soya, milk, egg, gluten free, with 100% natural flavours and no artifical colours.

    5. If you fancy getting creative with cookie dough, Tesco are stocking an Easter-themed set of cookie cutters. The tulip one is a bit weird - you might mistake it for a pineapple? - but the rest are fun.

    6. To take a break from all the sugar, you could point your kids in the direction of Lego's Easter Bunny toy. Am I the only one who thinks it looks like Wallace and Gromit's giant Were-Rabbit? 

    7. Sainsbury's have produced an Easter Hunt kit for kids to make their own card basket and mask. It also includes plastic eggs to hide mini free from treats inside.

    8. Still at Sainsbury's, check out these Wind Up Easter Chicks. Once the egg hunt is finished, have a chick race! The kids can wind up these chicks instead of their brothers and sisters. Just predict a winner and set them off.

    9. Matalan are stocking 'make your own Easter masks' with four Easter animals, stickers and elastic. Is wearing an Easter mask a new thing? I don't remember it as a kid, but hey, it looks like fun and it'll make spotting those eggs harder - extreme hunting!

    10. Finally, have a bake off with an old favourite, (the recipe, not the woman) Pig in the Kitchen's recipe for Hot Cross Buns. Gluten, dairy, soya and egg free.

    Over to you

    Have you come across any other Easter treats that I should know about? Let me know in the comments box below. And if you've found this article useful, please share 

    Happy Easter!


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