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  • 30 Sep 2015

    Get tips and help with food allergies and 'Back to School' free templates

    Posted: 30 Sep 2015

    Now that the dust has settled on the whole 'Back to School' thing, I'm back with a blog about dealing with food allergies at school and ways you can help improve allergy awareness in schools. Also, I've got some old and new freebies to help you 'fight the good fight' against food allergies. So let's get cracking...

    Advice for dealing with food allergies at school
    In the madness that is 'Back to School', there's always the worry that your child's teacher hasn't really understood about managing food allergies in the classroom. Yes, they may have agreed to a meeting and of course you've given them an allergy action plan. Note: if you need an allergy action plan, you can download one here.

    But will your teacher include your child in activities that involve food? Will they think to plan ahead and let you know when another child is bringing in a birthday cake? Hopefully, yes. Probably, no. 

    I don't have a magic cure, but my advice is to keep plugging away and trying to educate your child's teacher as much as possible. Ways to do this include:

    • Asking the teacher to give out stickers for rewards instead of sweets or food
    • Asking to be told in advance if someone will be bringing food into the classroom
    • Offering to help with activities that involve food/baking (this sheet shows how to substitute ingredients when baking)
    • Sending a letter to other parents in the class (use this template to help you)

    In addition to the above, don't forget to send in a tin of safe food treats for your teacher to keep in the classroom, for when food does get handed out for rewards. Which seems to be the trend now?!

    Further reading: Last year I asked parents how well schools deal with food allergies. You can read the results here

    Help educate schools about food allergies
    At the end of the last academic year (June 2015) I heaved my Allergy Adventures' Workshop for Schools over the line. It has been tested by teachers, re-tested and tweaked. And now it's ready for teachers to use. You can help improve understanding about food allergies by getting your child's teacher involved. 

    For starters, take at look at the 'For Schools' section in the main navigation on my site above. You can watch the introduction to the workshop video and see the lessons in action, as well as what the teachers and children thought. 

    In a nutshell, the Allergy Adventures' Workshop for Schools is:
    A free workshop about allergies for teachers to use in the classroom. It can be taught at two levels: KS1 (aged 5-7) and KS2 (aged 7-11). It includes complete lesson plans, videos, worksheets and class activities. And it links in ingeniously to the national curriculum for subjects such as PSHE, Science, Literacy, Design & Technology and Art. It's like a teacher's dream come true!

    Watch the videos for the Allergy Adventures' Workshop for Schools.
    Currently, lessons 1 and now... *drumroll*... lesson 2 are available to download, all your child's teacher needs to do, is sign up and start downloading. 

    Will you help?
    Although I'm on a mission to improve allergy education and introduce some fun into the world of food allergies, I can't do it alone. 

    So will you help spread the word? If each parent of every child with food allergies approaches their child's teacher... imagine the difference we could make in schools!

    If that sounds like a good outcome for you, your child and your child's school... then please grab some time with your child's teacher and show them the Allergy Adventures' Workshop. 

    You can send them this link: allergyadventures.com/for-schools.aspx  - to introduce the workshop.

    This link: allergyadventures.com/for-schools/lesson-videos.aspx - to watch the videos.

    Or this link: allergyadventures.com/for-schools/teacher-resources.aspx - to download the lesson plans.

    Or you can just ask them to email me and I'll give them the lowdown!

    Finally, some help with the daily headache that is... the packed lunch
    I feel your pain people. Which is why I headed to my outer space editing suite and created... UFO BAGELS! They are super simple to make.

    It's lunch kids, but not as we know it. Watch the recipe video here.

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