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  • 14 Mar 2016

    A freefrom Easter treat! Giant carrot cake recipe (milk, egg, soya, nut and gluten-free)

    Posted: 14 Mar 2016

    Make this and the Easter Bunny will want to be your BFF!

    It's time to celebrate, not just because this cake has hidden veg inside - OK I realise the icing sugar completely wipes out this bonus point but you may also jump for joy if you haven't come across M&B of London who make 'ready-to-roll' icing, which is free from; milk, egg, nuts, peanut, soya, sesame and gluten-free. 

    I came across these guys thanks to @foodallergyUK doing a spot of birthday baking for her son with food allergies (read about her blog post on locating egg and nut free icing).

    I contacted Graham Scott, director of M&B of London to clarify if their sugar paste was free from the above allergens including traces, due to them also stocking marzipan (a thick paste commonly used for confectionery or cake decorating and made using a mixture of ground almonds, sugar or honey and sometimes egg). Graham confirmed his sugar paste was free from the above allergens and mentioned their marzipan is not produced on site and comes in already packed and sealed.

    "the Marzipan we now buy in and sell on so there`s no chance of any cross contamination."

    They stock a wide variety of sugar paste shades from pastels to the more vibrant colours, so whatever the celebration they'll have your back and cake covered! 

    Back to the bake!
    This celebration carrot cake is free from milk, egg, soya, nuts, peanut, sesame and gluten-free and I've also included a substitution for the orange zest and juice in the ingredients list for those who are not able to tolerate it.

    Play the video above to see how simple it is to make, or view the full written recipe here  with many more freefrom recipes for you and your little ones to enjoy! 

    Happy Easter everyone!
    Hailey :)

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