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“Cos you gotta have...”

  • They say it’s good to have friends in high places. Well it just so happens...

    Dr Adam Fox Consultant & Hon Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Allergy, Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital and Director of King’s College London Allergy Academy is in full support of what we have created for children with food allergies. “Allergy Adventures wraps up key messages in a bundle of fun and positivity.”

  • Our Adventures at the Allergy + Free From Show

    Allergy Adventures offers something absolutely unique for allergic children and their families. This is the first time we have ever hosted anything like this before at The Allergy + Free From Show, and we are delighted to be able to introduce such an exciting and relevant feature for our young visitors! What a great idea!

  • Miss Hill and her Year 3 class gave us top marks!

    "I read the Allergy Adventures books to my Year 3 class because one of the children has food allergies. It was a great way to reinforce the need to 'stay safe' around food. I liked the focus on how much a child with food allergies can eat, as opposed to focussing on what they're not allowed to have. The children loved the illustrations and they all tried to memorise the food allergies rhyme at the back of the book!"
Catherine Hill, Year 3 teacher, Leicestershire

  • Such a great team of help and support

    “We were all very impressed with ‘Allergy Adventures’at the Anaphylaxis Campaign. A key part of our work is supporting families after a child has been diagnosed with a severe allergy. We are sure parents with young allergic children will find ‘Allergy Adventures’ a great additional resource to help educate and support their children as they begin to learn to manage their allergy independently.” Lynne Regent, CEO, the Anaphylaxis Campaign

  • Thinking about the children too

    Having had 2 boys with allergies, we’ve set up Freefromforkids, an online supermarket, to cater for lots of different food allergies. It was lovely to meet you at the allergy show and to hear what you’ve done for your niece. Your stand was fantastic for children. We love Allergy Adventures and so do our kids!!!!! Love from, Freefromforkids

  • They helped rally the troops to test our products on parents

    At Allergy UK we often hear how young children feel isolated because of their allergies. Allergy Adventures is the perfect way to educate young children. These well thought out stories and characters will teach allergic children how to manage their conditions and non-allergic children will be more aware that it exists, making life that little bit safer for the sufferer. Jim Bennett, CEO

  • This woman has wings!

    As a mum to two children, one of whom has coeliac disease along with food allergies, I love the concept of Allergy Adventures. On my website I provide simple, healthy recipes, information and advice to others in our position, aiming to show that having a restricted diet is not the worst thing in the world! Allergy Adventures do that through their wonderful stories and positivity. Keep up the great work!